single row tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearings are rolling element bearings that can support axial forces as well as radial forces.

The inner and outer ring raceways are segments of cones and the rollers are tapered so that the conical surfaces of the raceways, and the roller axes, if projected, would all meet at a common point on the main axis of the bearing. This geometry makes the motion of the cones remain coaxial, with no sliding motion between the raceways and the OD of the rollers.

In many applications tapered roller bearings are used in back-to-back pairs so that axial forces can be supported equally in either direction.

Pairs of tapered roller bearings are used in car and vehicle wheel bearings where they must cope simultaneously with large vertical (radial) and horizontal (axial) forces. Tapered roller bearings are commonly used for moderate speed, heavy duty applications where durability is required. Common real world applications are in agriculture, construction and mining equipment, sports robot combat, axle systems, gear box, engine motors and reducers, propeller shaft, railroad axle-box, differential, wind turbines, etc.









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Wuxi LOTTON- single row tapered roller bearings

Single row tapered roller bearings as the most widely used tapered roller bearings consist of one outer ring, and one inner ring unit. The inner ring unit includes one inner ring, one group of tapered rollers and a cage. 

In LOTTON’s same type single row tapered roller bearings,both inner ring and outer ring can be exchangeable with other inner rings and outer rings. In general, the tapered angle of outer ring raceway is between 10°~19° and the contact of roller and raceways is linear one . Therefore, it can bear combined axial and radial loads, also single axial loads. The bigger the tapered angle, the bigger axial load capacity can be accommodated. As the extending line of raceways meet at the same point of the bearing axis, in operation, single row tapered roller bearing has lower friction torque. 

Features of single row tapered roller bearings 

  • Separable, both inner ring and outer rings own tapered raceways. It’s easier and faster to realize assembling, disassembling, inspection, and maintenance.

  • Lower friction, the optimized roller design, and smooth ribs form a layer of lubrication film which reduce friction. 

  • Lower noise level, the lower friction leads to the lower noise level. 

  • Improve the reliability of operation

  • Exchangeable, the separable parts are exchangeable

Application of single row tapered roller bearings 

Tooling machine, reducer, automobile, agriculture, mining, steel & metal process, plastic machine etc.

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